See what our clients are saying...

"I became a patient of the Hoyles in August of 2016, at one of the lowest points in my health. At this time, I had been referred by my sister to get Nutrition Response Testing so I could address an heretofore unmanageable genetic mutation, called MTHFR, of which I have the most severe form of mutation. It affected my overall health, all while I was dealing with the devastating repercussions of an accident in 2010, none of which had been properly treated through the mainstream medical system. My genetic mutation was making my Traumatic Brain Injury, depression, PCOS, and chronic injury pain far worse. The Hoyles were able to immediately identify how to treat my genetic mutation, when my other doctors had no idea where to start. Since that time, not only has my genetic mutation been fully managed and under control through the use of nutrition testing and supplementation - the Hoyles were also able to identify the root cause of many of my other health problems, and ways to manage the repercussions of my 2010 accident. 


Without the insights and compassion I received under care at Hoyle Holistic Solutions, I would not be where I am today. I've come to accept that many of my conditions are chronic, but, without NRT and supplementation, none of my health problems would be as well managed as they are today. I make it a point to spread the word about the incredible work the Hoyles do. I know for a fact that without the guidance and assistance I've received here, I would still be struggling to the unfathomable degrees I had been in 2016. Not only have the Hoyles helped me to manage my chronic health conditions, but in following the supplementation and nutrition regimen, I've lost 50lbs with ease. No dieting, restricting, or unhealthy/negative mindsets about my body. I've grown to respect all that my body DOES for me, instead of focusing solely on the difficulties I face. I wouldn't be able to have this mindset without the signature Hoyle guidance I've come to rely on in the past three years. I cannot advocate enough for the power of Nutrition Response Testing - as well as the care, advice, and encouragement the Hoyles have for their patients, through their abundance of knowledge and wisdom. The care I've received is invaluable to me. I am healthier today than I have been at any other point since my 2010 accident, and it is almost exclusively due to my experience with NRT at Hoyle Holistic Solutions in the last 3 years. 


When there have been times that I am not on my supplements or following my nutrition regimen, the fallout is drastic. Not only do I feel awful, but those around me also notice a big difference in how I am funtioning, feeling, and acting. This has been evidence enough to keep up with my appointments, supplementation, and nutrition. When I am engaging in the process fully, I am able to live my most vibrant life since 2010. I will be forever grateful to the Hoyles for opening my eyes to the possibilities that exist outside of mainstream medical care and big pharma. I'll never go back! Thank you so much, Susan and Ronald Hoyle!"


~Azure S

I cannot say enough about Susan and Ron. They take such good care of me. If you have any kind of health issues, I HIGHLY recommend you go see them. Over the years they have helped me completely recover from things like acid reflux, failing adrenal glands and a weak spleen. Their organic whole food supplements are amazing and the chiropractic adjustments keep me in line and free of back, neck and hip pain. Susan and I have even done life coaching sessions in the past that allowed me to discover things within myself so that I could heal and grow responsibly and become mentally healthy as well. Seriously, anything you may need help with, just ask them!


~Amber G.