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Welcome to  Hoyle Chiropractic and Holistic Solutions!
Where we treat our patients like family and
finding the cause of dis-ease is our passion!
Dr. Ron Hoyle is a PALMER GRADUATE and experienced Gonstead practitioner with over 40 years experience.  If you are struggling with low back pain, middle back pain, sciatica, upper neck pain, chronic headaches, or just can't get around like you used to, then this is the place for you!

Dr. Hoyle, with his over 40 years experience, has literally "seen it all!"  So don't wait any longer to call for an evaluation.  It may just be the relief you've been seeking for your back pain.
Along with chiropractic care we believe our job is to assist you in removing the obstacles to health.  Obstacles can be physical, like a subluxation, or nutritional, as in deficiencies that can be contributing to energy fatigue, food sensitivities causing inflammation and  weight gain, chemical or metal toxicity, parasites or maybe it's your perception of your environment that is causing health issues. 
Whatever the case may be, we assist our patients in removing these obstacles as they learn what it takes to live a vibrant, healthy life for years to come!

See our "Functional Nutrition Analysis" section for more details.


Whether you suffer from acute low back pain, neck pain, headaches,  feeling tired and exhausted, just can't seem to motivate yourself these days, or maybe you've lost that "spark" for life and need someone to guide you through a program to find your purpose!. Dr. Ron and Susan Hoyle have the expertise and knowledge to improve your quality of life.  We take holistic healthcare to a whole new level!  Looking for the "cause" of your disease, not covering up your symptoms to give you the impression of health.  Whether it be spinal health, nutrition, a body mind connection, or life coaching we can assist you and meet you where you are!


Dr. Hoyle is a Palmer College graduate (Davenport, IA-the original Chiropractic College)  and has over 40 years experience in Gonstead Specific Chiropractic Care, having studied under Dr. Gonstead himself, one of the most highly respected chiropractic techniques in our field to facilitate quick and long-lasting healing for injuries, both chronic and acute.  There is nothing Dr. Hoyle has not seen in his 40 years of practice, giving him the edge when evaluating new patients. If you have chronic low back pain, sciatica, neck pain or injury, scoliosis, or a chronic and difficult chiropractic case,  then you owe it to yourself to to set up an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Hoyle.  It may just be the answer you've been looking for!   

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Dr. Ron and Susan Hoyle have a strong nutrition background based on over 30 years of combined experience, both personal and professional, as well as a strong commitment to continued education.  They have both attended seminars in NRT (Nutrition Response Testing), Digestion, Autoimmune, Hormone Balancing and Blood Chemistry and Nutrition, to name a few.)  enabling them to take a close look at your nutritional deficiencies through Intuitive Lifestyle Interpretation, System Survey Compilation,  The bodies response to a stressor to put it simply.  As well as attending many seminars over the years on everything from digestion, auto-immune, adrenal health, female hormones to implementing herbal remedies into a wellness lifestyle.  They know what it takes to stay youthful as you age!  So if you have reached a place in your life where you aren't feeling as vibrant and healthy as you once did, give us a call!  What have you got to lose?

With our cutting edge nutrition software (Maestro) just by filling out a simple system survey form we can see where you are now nutritionally and where you are struggling as well as plugging in your current bloodwork to make recommendations to move you towards optimal health as well as send you out to Quest Labs for any bloodwork we may need.  




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Dr. Hoyle and Susan regularly attend seminars throughout the year in order to bring their patients the latest in nutrition health and wellness.  Using the highest quality Standard Process' whole food supplements and  Functional Nutrition Analysis, we believe many health conditions can be greatly improved or even eliminated through whole food nutrition and dietary recommendations. 

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Now Offering:

Functional Nutrition Analysis

What is Functional Nutrition Analysis?

Dr. Ron and Susan Hoyle have a combined 30 years experience in whole food nutrition.  They began this journey into nutrition over 15 years ago when Dr. Hoyle realized that combining whole food nutrition with specific chiropractic adjustments, patients were able to hold their adjustments longer.  Susan then began her journey into learning all she could about the mind body connection, spending a year with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, expanding her knowledge in nutrition, dietary theories and the emotional components of health.  Her studies took her to a year of learning Modern Shamanism, becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher and exploring the benefits of Emotional Release through essential oils, releasing stuck emotions that can and do affect our health. 


Together Dr. Hoyle and Susan have taken their knowledge and,  along with Chiropractic and Holistic Life Coaching,  developed a system of surveying the body through intuitive lifestyle interpretation, blood work, system survey compilation and whole food supplementation, which allows them to assist patients in regaining balance in body, mind and soul.


Together they have the whole picture of what true health looks like!  Book a Functional Nutrition Analysis appointment with these two, it may just change your life!  

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